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Mô tả

SY5300-5U1 Van điện từ khí nén SMC Vietnam, mua chính hãng là bảo vệ doanh nghiệp

Thông tin van điện từ khí nén SMC SY5300-5U1

SMC has improved product performance and reliability with the redesigned SY series valve. The SY3000 and SY5000 have the same valve width as their predecessors, but the flow has been increased by up to 80%, allowing the valve size to be reduced. A built-in strainer in the pilot valve prevents trouble caused by foreign matter. By using H-NBR seal material for the main valve and seals, Ozone resistance has been improved. Side, top and bottom port/pipe directions are available to allow flexible installation. The SY is available in body ported or base mounted styles, and can be used individually or manifold mounted.

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