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Mua Thiết bị khí nén SMC Việt Nam chính hãng là bảo vệ doanh nghiệp của bạn

Đây là thông tin Van điện từ SMC sản phẩm SMC Vietnam

VX235DZ1B Series VX21/22/23, is a direct operated 2 port solenoid valve for air, gas, vacuum, water, steam and oil. Proper selection of body and sealing materials permits application of a wide variety of fluids. Application can be matched by simply choosing body materials (brass, stainless steel), seal materials (NBR, EPR, FPM, PTFE) and the solenoid coil (class B, class H).

Thiết bị khí nén smc

  • IP65 enclosure
  • Conforms to UL94V-0 flame resistance
  • Special construction improves service life when compared with current shading coil
  • Power consumption: size 1 – 4.5w; size 2 – 7w; size 3 – 10.5w
  • Body material: C37 (brass), stainless steel